Working Against Global Gendered Discrimination and Injustice

Welcome to WAGGDI!
WAGGDI is a student run organization at Washington University in St. Louis promoting awareness on campus of international gender discrimination and injustice. We define gender as a social construction that influences, and at times oppresses, both males and females. Fundraising efforts conducted on campus, including jewelry and t-shirt sales, will be utilized in underdeveloped Tanzanian village, Mailasita.

Funds and donations go directly to AIDS orphan sponsorship at Stella Maris Primary School and school supplies for both teachers and students. We strongly believe that education is an excellent means to empower people and increase access to opportunities throughout their lifetimes.

Not only does education increase peoples’ ability to accurately express themselves, it also provides the tools and resources to make changes and pursue community goals. 

Please feel free to make a donation, buy something, volunteer, or contact us for more information!